driver s3virge broken in new version

Frank Wittig fw at
Thu Sep 22 01:56:12 PDT 2005

Hello list!

After updating xorg on my FC3 to version 6.8.2-1.FC3.45.1 the s3virge
driver is no longer functioning propperly for my secondary gfx cards
(the first ones are radeon).
Before that update starting of X took very long (wait for DDC read
failure timeout). After the update DDC read failes and then nothing
happens and X is hanging unkillable.
If I disable DDC in xorg.conf X starts (with the first gfx-card) but my
s3virge cards are recognized to have only 0k of videoram which is a
little less to display anything at all - the cards have 4096k of ram.
Unfortunately the s3virge driver ignores the VideoRAM option in
xorg.conf so I'm not able to overwrite the autodetection of 0k ram.
FC4 has the same problem. Everything was tested with the newest versions
of the Xorg packets.
Has anyone a clue how to handly this? Perhaps a patch to the driver
sources or anything...

best regards,
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