Security update carried along a broken i810 driver for Intel 830 and up

Jim Cornette jim-cornette at
Thu Sep 22 07:33:18 PDT 2005

Alan Hourihane wrote:

>  On Wed, 2005-09-21 at 21:45 -0400, Jim Cornette wrote:
>  Jim,
>  Your right that the LpRing problem did affect i810/i815 cards and
>  that was solely to do with my lack of testing on it. I should have
>  been a little more clear in my response meaning that if there are any
>  current bugs. But....
>  Unfortunately, evolution means that sometimes things break.
>  Regardless of whether things changed within the video driver or not.
>  You've seen a problem that is caused inside the Xserver with the
>  RedHat problem, and it has nothing to do with the i810 driver at all.
>  No matter how you split the video drivers up that would have been
>  caused either way.
>  Minimizing the problems is always a goal, but testing and bug
>  reporting are always a necessity.
>  By all means, if you have a bug, report it on bugzilla, I'll always
>  try and get around to taking a look. But I really don't see a need
>  for splitting the driver up.
>  Alan.

I figure that if there was a way that having three binaries generated 
from the Intel source code would prevent the lower cards from trying to 
perform feats that are only possible by the more advanced chipsets. It 
seems that it would reduce the binary sizes for all different cards and 
maybe give higher framerates and better 3D performance on the higher end 

This is probably a more theoretical approach and would not work out in 
the real  world.

On the plus side, breakage of the Intel 810/815 cards fixed the lockup 
problem that the 865G card was having. I don't know if the breakage 
fixed the problem, but it was fixed co-incidentally. There was no 
resolutions on the bug report that I submitted for the lockup which 
other 865G users experienced.
 Since the problems have all been resolved, it is not a major concern 
now. Both cards work great now.

Thanks for the responses and at least fielding the suggestion.


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