kartikay malhotra kartikay.malhotra at
Fri Sep 23 05:02:53 PDT 2005

Dear peers,

I've developed an application using Xserver source code. This application
called for some changes in the source files. I wish to sell this application
software for a price.

I've read through the licenses. The modified files are copyrighted by
different organizations/individuals,
namely XFree86, a certain Keith Packard, etc. However, none of these are
covered under GPL.
Provided I abide by the conditions in the copyright (which often requires
including the Copyright Notice in the source and binary files), can I sell
the application without making the source code Open Source? Does GPL get
implicitly applied because any library file shall finally be part of the
XServer, and built upon the original source?

 Sincerely and thankfully
  Kartikay Malhotra
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