GLX indirect rendering broken

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Sun Sep 25 12:51:59 PDT 2005

After fixing a few issues in Mesa related to renderbuffers (patch to 
follow) I still found that indirect rendering was broken, though I 
found that only certain programs generated the BadLength protocol error.

With some debugging I found that anytime one of the functions in 
indirect_size.c was called, I'd get the protocol error, otherwise, 
things were OK.

All the functions in indirect_size.c look like this:

__glCallLists_size( GLenum e )

Well, disabling the FASTCALL macro fixed all my problems.

Ian, it looks like you wrote that code.  I don't know why the FASTCALL 
business is causing trouble, but I'm very tempted to simply 
disable/remove it.  Is there any good reason for it?  I can't imagine 
it making any real difference in performance.  No GL program is going 
to be limited by the speed of those particular functions.

I'm using gcc 3.4.2 on FC3, if it matters.


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