i810 (chipset: 830M): Unable to clone, pipe b always inactive

Thomas Heinz thomasheinz at gmx.net
Mon Sep 26 16:09:24 PDT 2005


The attached xorg.conf specifies a dual head setup with cloning for a 830M 
graphics chipset. I have tried several variations of the setup but pipe b 
always remains inactive. Using Option "MonitorLayout" "LFP+CRT" works but 
it is impossible to drive the CRT with a different refresh rate than the 
LFP (since both share the same pipe).

The xorg log file is also attached. Let's walk through some interesting 
lines in the following:

(WW) The core pointer device wasn't specified explicitly in the layout.
        Using the first keyboard device.

This is only a minor point but I don't really understand why this warning 
is printed. Using "CorePointer" in the keyboard InputDevice section and 
InputDevice "Keyboard" "CorePointer" in the ServerLayout section does not 
remove the warning. Still, it does not seem to be a problem.

(WW) I810: More than one matching Device section for instances
        (BusID: PCI:0:2:0) found: GraphicsPipe2

Why is that?

(WW) I810(0): Bad V_BIOS checksum

Does not sound too good. Could it be the reason for the problem?

(WW) I810(0): Extended BIOS function 0x5f11 not supported.

Same as previous.

(WW) I810(0): Bad V_BIOS checksum


(II) I810(0): Display Info: CRT: attached: TRUE, present: TRUE, size: (0,0)
(II) I810(0): Display Info: LFP (local flat panel): attached: TRUE, 
present: TRUE, size: (1024,768)

Correct: both CRT and LFP are present and attached.

(II) I810(0): Currently active displays on Pipe A:
(II) I810(0):   LFP (local flat panel)


(II) I810(0): No active displays on Pipe B.

Here is my problem.

Do you have any idea how to approach this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.


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