i810 (chipset: 830M): Unable to clone, pipe b always inactive

Thomas Heinz thomasheinz at gmx.net
Tue Sep 27 05:27:40 PDT 2005

You wrote:
> The configuration is good, but you are using an old driver.


> You can try getting my test driver from...
> http://www.fairlite.demon.co.uk/intel.html
> and installing that to see if it helps.

This site just contains the object file i810_drv.o. My kernel uses 
CONFIG_DRM_I915=y. I have tried CONFIG_DRM_I830 but this didn't work at 
all, not even in single head configuration.

Now i810_drv.o is an object belonging to CONFIG_DRM_I810, isn't it?
Do you suggest using CONFIG_DRM_I810=m, then copying the object 
to /usr/src/linux/drivers/char/drm and afterwards rebuilding the kernel?
If not, what am I supposed to do with the object?



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