Proposal for X Server Plug-in Picker

Deron Johnson Deron.Johnson at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 1 09:25:57 PST 2006

Fine with me. But at this point I'm mostly concerned with the architecture
rather than the fine points of implementation. But I'll take your advice.

Daniel Stone wrote:

>On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 12:47:39PM -0800, Deron Johnson wrote:
>>#ifdef PICKER
>>       PICKER_WINDOWS_RESTRUCTURED(syncEvents.replayWin);
>>#endif /* PICKER */
>Please god no.
>How about:
>#ifdef PICKER
>extern void PICKER_WINDOWS_RESTRUCTURED(...) { ; };
>Also, can we please not have SCREAMING UPPERCASE NAMES scattered all
>throughout our code?
>The rest looks good to me though, thanks.
>(The security stuff is high up on my wishlist of ifdefs to axe.  Just
> short-circuit the functions to always return success if we don't build
> it in.  No point needlessly uglifying the code; if you're going to make
> code changes, then you're going to make code changes, no matter how
> many ifdefs you scatter.)

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