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Kean Johnston kean at
Sat Dec 2 13:39:39 PST 2006

Hi everyone,

I am working on a port. Currently based on 7.1.1. Everything is building
but I cannot run Xorg -configure and I finally figured out why. The
X server keeps dying and its because of various probe routines in some
drivers that are Sparc-specific. The first such instance comes when it
tries to load the driver "sunbw2". It's probe routine makes a call to
xf86MatchSbusInstances() which isn't a defined symbol on my X86 platform.
The RTLD is sending the process a SIGKILL because a function that was
dlsym()'ed in is being called, and it is calling a nonexistent

So my question is twofold:
1) How come this doesn't blow up on other platforms, and
2) Shouldn't these sparc-specific drivers only be built on sparc

I notice that in 6.9.0, which works fine on the platform, that none of
these drivers are being built. So I suspect that the error is in the
build script, that it should be only building these drivers when you
are actually building on a sparc. Other drivers that call this same
function and would thus cause the same error are:
sunbw2, suncg14, suncg3, suncg6, sunffb, sunleo, suntcx.

My further (mildly educated guess) is that in the 6.9.0 days these
drivers were only being build when SunArchitecture was defined, and
that the script doesn't take this into account and simply
build's (almost) everything. I suspect a patch like the one attached
may help.

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