xkb and VT switching - please help!

Tamas Kerecsen kerecsen at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 21:26:42 PST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to put together an X configuration for an embedded device with a
keyboard (Fedora-based for what it matters). I'd like to keep the ability to
switch to the virtual text terminals (with alt-ctrl-fx) to ease debugging,
but I would like to make it as hard as possible to trigger accidentally.

I figured changing the key combination from alt-ctrl-fx to AltR+ControlL+Fx
would do the trick. However, I couldn't figure out how to change the xkb
configuration to achieve this goal. I flailed around a day or so without
getting any closer to a solution, and I have no more time to spend on
learning/reverse engineering xkb. Could someone who already knows xkb help
me out?

Also, is there an easy way to trigger a script when the user switches to a
text terminal (and/or back)? I'd like to make sure that if someone does
(accidentally or otherwise) trigger a VT switch, I would have a log entry
indicating what happened.

I toyed with the idea of setting DontVTSwitch to true and managing the VT
switch from xbindkeys or something similar, but I'm concerned that if things
go pearshaped, I can get into a situation where the system can't be debugged
because it's impossible to bring up a text VT. I'm also unsure whether
xbindkeys would let me specify ControlL and AltR instead of just Alt and

I would really appreciate any and all ideas!

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