elotouch usb problem

frederick thomas nikita_the_ger at fastmail.fm
Sun Dec 3 09:09:40 PST 2006

    i'm trying to setup an elotouch 1525L monitor with Xorg 6.8.2 on
    FreeBSD 6.0. so far all i have been able to do is trash my kde
    install once, and now kde hooks to the server but no touch on the
    monitor... i looked at the Xorg.0.log file, here's a snip:

(**) Option "Device" "/dev/uhid0"
Elo USB TouchScreen: port opened successfully.
(**) Option "MinX" "300"
(**) Option "MaxX" "4095"
(**) Option "MinY" "300"
(**) Option "MaxY" "4095"
(**) Option "ScreenNumber" "0"
(**) Option "ButtonNumber" "1"
(--)  USB Kernel Input device name: "Unknown"
Elo USB TouchScreen: unknown type hardware.
Elo USB TouchScreen: unable to query/initialize hardware.
Elo USB TouchScreen: driver work in silence mode.
(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device "Elo USB TouchScreen" (type:

i tried xsetpointer as well, still nothing. i've attached my xorg.conf
file. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  frederick thomas
  nikita_the_ger at fastmail.fm

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