Building Xorg 7.1 from tarballs

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Mon Dec 4 05:04:16 PST 2006

Just thought that I would update all of you on this.  I was able to complete a build of the entire Xorg 7.1 "everything" tarball successfully.  From everyone's input, I was able to adapt the installation procedure so that it would successfully install repetitively on  several cleans installs.  I constructed some very basic scripts, corrected the "suggested" install instructions from the Modular Developers Page & !! it works!!  8-D  And I was able to do it in a single pass of progressively building the underlying tools & libs.

Thanks again for your insight and suggestions.

PS - the online docs should 'really' be updated.....


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On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Dan Nicholson wrote:

> In the Linuxfromscratch project we bootstrap Xorg.

> The jist of it is that after you build the libraries but before you
> build the server, you should build Mesa if you want to do it all in
> one pass.

Yeah, that sounds about right.  You just need to remember to move the 
makedepend build up to some point before your Mesa build (yes, I know I 
said imake earlier, but then I remembered that makedepend is packaged 
separately).  As scripted, the utils (xorg-cf-files, imake, makedepend, 
gccmakedep, and lndir) are dead last in the build order.
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