Xvideo performance on Radeon 7500 vs Intel 915

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Mon Dec 4 07:20:47 PST 2006

Roland Scheidegger wrote:
>You didn't say 
> if you tried increasing agp mode, though it shouldn't really make a 
> difference. Especially x.org system cpu time looks high, what is it 
> waiting for there.

I'm afraid I had forgotten about agp mode, and it does make a 
considerable difference. I just increased it to 4, and now my test clip 

agp mode 4 Radeon 7500/Penium 4 (2GHZ):
    mplayer: user: 147sec sys:  15secs  real:249
    Xorg:    user:  36sec sys:   15secs

agp mode 1 Radeon 7500/Penium 4 (2GHZ):
    mplayer: user: 124sec sys:  3secs  real:198
    Xorg:    user:  34sec sys: 32secs

Intel 915/Penium M (2GHZ)
    mplayer: user: 116sec sys:  3secs  real:249
    Xorg:    user:  2sec sys:   0secs

So the system cpu time for Xorg was cut in half at mode 4, there are no 
dropped frames, and top shows about 12% idle instead of 0. The playback 
is still not as smooth as on the Intel laptop, but it certainly is an 

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