[ANNOUNCE] libX11 1.1.1

Joel Feiner jafeiner at gmail.com
Wed Dec 6 07:28:30 PST 2006

>Josh Triplett wrote:
>>* Version 1.1.1 - 2006-11-30
*>>* The "xcompmgr is hard, let's go releasing" release
*>>* * Fix Bug #9154 and friends, to unbreak xcompmgr:
>I thought xcompmgr was broken and not supported (and I have seen it leak
>lots of memory in the X process).  I'd _like_ xcompmgr to be improved
>and fixed, but is this actually happening?  Are people using it?

I'm a lowly user, but I do use xcompmgr and kompmgr all the time (I find them
considerably faster and less silly than Beryl/Compiz).  If people are interested
in improving it, I would suggest having a few more configuration options.  For
example, it'd be nice to be able to make menus fade, but not windows, or have
different settings for menus and windows and also have a way to set a default
transparency for menus that isn't applied to windows.  I imagine that wouldn't
be too hard to add (if I were a little more skilled a programmer, I would do it
myself, but my experience with X programming is quite limited, alas).

I know many other people are using it, based on talk on the Gentoo forums, btw.
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