DRI with r300 on Radeon 9800 possible

Florian Dorpmueller dorpmueller at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 6 11:42:52 PST 2006

>You are experiencing bug:
>I haven't time to look at that right now but do you
>have a 64bits architecture ? I don't see any other
>obvious reason for this.


thanks for attending my DRI/r300-topic. I have a normal 32bit-architecture 
here. As workaround I have now installed the latest fglrx-driver which works 
very much better than the one that comes with ubuntu. If possible I would 
favor the free radeon-driver but at the moment I see no way to install it 
sucessfully. Furthermore I need my computer for working and I do not have 
endless time for installation trials. I think I shall wait until the actual 
cvs-versions of drm and mesa have been integrated in the official release.


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