AM_PRETTY_CMDS and unofficial macros? (was Re: [ANNOUNCE] libXmu 1.0.3)

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Sat Dec 9 05:49:01 PST 2006

On Wed, 8 Nov 2006, Daniel Stone wrote:

> libXmu 1.0.3 has no changes from 1.0.2, it's just to clear the
> versioning confusion.  Thanks to Tilman again for pointing this out.

Where did you get this AM_PRETTY_CMDS (pretty-cmds)?

It is not portable. Its use of "test" doesn't even work with test(1) from 
coreutils. (And doesn't work with built-in "test" found in some shells.)

The bug is not in libXmu itself but in your released version of configure 
and aclocal.m4 included in this tarball.

I emailed the fix upstream to

As far as I can find, I don't see this macro included with xorg nor with 
official release of automake-1.9.6.

Which makes me wonder ... should official xorg releases be using 
unofficial macros?

If this official, please point me to it and I will give them the bugfix 

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