[xorg-docs] preliminary report from the sgml swamps

Carlo Salinari csali at tiscali.it
Sun Dec 10 10:17:54 PST 2006

I've been throwing all sorts of scripts against /xorg-docs/sgml lately, 
in the hope to find an easy migration path to xml-based docbook.

Eventually, I realized it shouldn't require much more than:

$ osx -x lower myfile.sgml > myfile.xml

osx being a small util from the opensp package. Actually, it messes up a 
little with special characters embedded in xml tags, due to the
different conventions of sgml and xml, but that's probably just a matter 
of exploring the parameters a little more than I did.

One additional step, once the file is converted to a valid xml-docbook 
document, could be to make it look a little nicer:

$ tidy -i -wrap 79 -xml myfile.xml > nicer.xml

Now I have to look into the build system, to see how to merge the 
variable entities defined in defs.ent in the converted xml files.
That will be tough. Autotools hate me.

So, to recap: some progress, but still many details to fix to make the 
transition to xml smooth.


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