OpenGL manpages

Brian Paul brian.paul at
Mon Dec 11 07:09:01 PST 2006

Vickenty Fesunov wrote:
> Greetings.
> I am interested in a fate of the OpenGL, GLU and GLX manpages shipped
> with every X release since I was a child, and which vanished with
> transition to the modular release structure in the 2005.
> In an old revision of ModularFilesMissing in the wiki ([1]), these
> manpages are marked as dropped in favor of "SGI upstream", mentioning
> some consensus, no traces of which I could find in the archives of
> xorg-modular mailing list.
> SGI apparently have stopped maintaining these manpages way back in the
> 1997 (the date of last change of manpages downloaded from SGI site;
> while 6.9.0 features manpages which are dated by the year 1998).
> Having said this much, I wonder, if anyone maintains these manual pages,
> what license applies to them (either [2] or some other license), and if
> nobody maintain them, may I just clean them up a bit and distribute them
> that way?
>  [1].
>  [2].

The OpenGL ARB (now part of Khronos) has been updating the man pages 
for OpenGL 2.x.  I think they're just working out the copyright terms 
and a way to distribute them.  I've forwarded your message to some 
people involved in the effort...


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