fpit driver on a Fujitsu 3500 Question.

Louis Jewett lfjewett at gmail.com
Mon Dec 11 16:28:30 PST 2006

I'm hoping someone on this list might have an answer for me, a couple
hundred google searches haven't turned up anything.  For x-mas my young (5)
daughter is getting a used 3500 with Ubuntu installed.  Everything works
great and I even got the touchscreen to work ( kinda ).   Here are the 3

In Tuxpaint ( and others ) while drawing on the screen with the stylis, if
you draw a line then pick up your pen move to another spot and start to draw
another line a perfectly straight line between those 2 points is created.
It's as if the programs see's a mouse click and hold but never a mouse
UNclick when you stop and lift the pen.  It does this about 50% of the time.
Sometimes you start a new line no problem. Sometimes the new line and old
are connected.  Any idea why mouse UNclicks are not working all the time??

The other problem is double clicking, such as an Icon is very difficult.
I've tried using the Gnome mouse manager to set the double click rate up a
bit ( 600ms ) but clicking ist still flakey.. I wonder if it has to do with
the above issue?

Lastly I am unable to use an On-Screen Keyboard. One you click on a letter
that key is held down forever and makes typing anything
iiiiiiiiiimmmmmppoooosiblle.. :)
Again, I think this is related?

Here is my xorg.conf section..   Any ideas?

Identifier "mouse0"
Driver "fpit"
Option "Device"  "/dev/ttyS3"
Option "BaudRate"  "9600"
Option "MaximumXPosition" "4125"
Option "MaximumyPosition" "4125"
Option "MinimumXPosition" "25"
Option "MinimumYPosition" "25"
Option "Passive"
Option "SendCoreEvents"
Option "DebugLevel" "3"

Thanks Louis
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