Mutliple users using same desktop?

Colin Guthrie gmane at
Tue Dec 12 02:02:39 PST 2006

Alex Deucher wrote:
> On 12/11/06, Deron Johnson <Deron.Johnson at> wrote:
>> I seem to recall hearing that someone in Xorg is working on upgrading
>> the server to handle multiple sets of input devices, so multiple users
>> can use the same desktop simultaneously.  But I forgot who is working
>> on this? Can anyone refresh my memory? Thanks.

> Multi-Pointer X Server


This is multi *pointer* X, not multi *user* X. It *will* allow multiple
input devices (pointers at least) but it's meant of one user - two mice
== two pointers on screen - kinda funky!

You probably want to look at "multi seat X" or similar configurations
which would allow this setup.

I don't really know much about it but here is a starting point ;)

With evdev, it should be quite easy to create mutliple X
instances/screens with multiple usb keyboards/mice and use multi head
(or multiple) graphics cards to create a multi seat machine. I've
certainly read several reports about this kind of setup.


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