How to install driver for ati

José Oliver Segura primijos at
Tue Dec 12 06:19:51 PST 2006

       Hi Ronald,

       I'm not sure about your question, but if you are refering to
how to use the ati-specific (open source) module/driver from Xorg, I
guess you only need to have a decent (recent) version (modular) and,
in the "Device" section of your xorg.conf, add:

       Driver "ati" (I think it also applies Driver "radeon")

       I've my radeon working from a fresh install of FC6 without
major problems (besides I can't use the beatiful desktop effects: it
crashes my machine). The only trouble for me is that tv-out (s-video)
support is non existent in this driver (afaik), and thus, I need to
use an utility called "atitvout" to be able to see my desktop in my
TV. The only drawback is that it cannot be configured and, with
"default (vesa bios?)" parameters, the image doesn't fit all the
screen, and presents an strange curve at the top of the screen.
Anyway, if you just want to activate the free ati driver, the line
above should work.

       Good luck,

On 12/12/06, Ronald <followait at> wrote:
> It's ati mobility radeon 7500.
> I've no expierence.
> I'm using ubuntu 6.06 lts.
> Thanks very much.
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