please test patches to make Xos_r.h generated based on configure

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Dec 12 15:50:23 PST 2006

> Indeed, why use #defines at all?  Why not just generate the entire file?

The Xos_r.h says: "This header can be included multiple times with 
different defines!"

Does anyone have an example of that so I can verify if the generating 
entire header without these defines works?

I see that libXp does: XOS_USE_XLIB_LOCKING (if Windows)

If Windows, libSm and libXmu does XOS_USE_MTSAFE_NETDBAPI.

libXau, libSm does XOS_USE_NO_LOCKING

libX11 uses XOS_USE_XLIB_LOCKING (if not Windows)

libXau uses XOS_USE_XLIB_LOCKING (if hpux)

libxtrans uses XOS_USE_MTSAFE_NETDBAPI  (if Windows)

There are others too, so it looks like these can slowly be cleaned up too 
once Xos_r.h is done right.

But I still am unsure about reusing the header multiple times with 
different defines.

I am working on making it generate from configure some more and will post 

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