Composite extension trouble

Heinrich Janzing h.janzing at
Sat Dec 9 09:06:05 PST 2006


I'm (still) trying to develop an OpenGL composite manager. I've been able to 
get rid of any error messages, but the resulting textures I get appear to be 
empty (the background just shows through). All I'm doing currently is 

- open my own full-screen window, create glx context, set up opengl
- redirect the top-level windows
- name the pixmaps
- create a glxpixmap from this pixmap
- use glXBindTexImageEXT to bind it to an opengl texture
- draw quad with texture coords

My code (when it comes to getting window content into an opengl texture) is 
pretty much identical to compiz now. Unfortunately the compiz code isn't 
really documented and I'm having trouble figuring out what I'm doing wrong 
(or more likely, what I'm forgetting). I considered the possibility that 
perhaps, after the redirect, I need to get the window to redraw to "fill" the 
pixmap. Is this the case and how would I go about it? Documentation on using 
the composite extension seems to be very scarce.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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