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Luke colorado_mountains2000 at
Tue Dec 12 22:13:25 PST 2006

Thanks Alex I did the refresh rate and mode line you
suggested and it looks A LOT better.  Size is perfect,
text is 90% of what I want it to be, the screen is
skewed to the right a little but I have an "AUTO"
button that shifts it to the exact center...this might
be a little annoying booting between windows and Linux
but I can live with it (and it might be windows who is
skewed to the left(;).  

I also tried the program you suggested and I couldn't
find an export option, I downloaded the latest version
3.7  It gives
a lot of info, I'll post pics on the website shortly
maybe I can manually tweak the modeline perfect.  I'm
going to read this man page and see what I can come up

Roland, I might try to upgrade the driver just because
it's good to be current and I heard something about 3D
support...but I'm a little reluctant because sometimes
upgrades cause problems!

Thanks guys,

--- "Alexander E. Patrakov" <patrakov at>

> Luke wrote:
> > Thanks Alex I made a simple webpage with all the
> info
> > -  
> >
> A few problems exist.
> 1) The refresh ranges are wrong for your monitor.
> The manufacturer's site specifies:
> HorizSync 30-81
> VertRefresh 56-75
> 2) The modelines don't match the VESA standard. Go
> to to calculate
> them. Please use:
> Modeline "1400x1050"  122.61  1400 1488 1640 1880 
> 1050 1051 1054 1087  -HSync +Vsync
> Or, better, boot into Windows, download a trial
> version of PowerStrip
> (, and
> export the current mode to the XFree86 Modeline
> format using this tool.
> 3) Many uneeded options (but it may be just that
> SuSE uses a severely patched Xorg version).
> -- 
> Alexander E. Patrakov

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