i810: problems switching from console to X on I945G

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Sat Dec 16 12:05:54 PST 2006

  I have a strange problem with switching from Linux console (framebuffer)
onto X. It happens with current Xorg git on an Intel chipset with integrated
I945G grapchics chip.
  I'm extensively using text consoles as well as X, so I'm switching
frequently from one to the other and back. While the switch from X to console
always works, switch back from time to time leaves the screen blank (black).
The monitor doesn't sleep, so synces are probably there, however nothing can
be seen. The machine is fully operational including its keyboard, so I can
do almost anything, but blindly. I can even switch back to text mode, I know
that it works because a relay switches in my monitor, but the video is not
restored anyways. The only way to restore the video is to log out from the X
session (I can do it blindly from the keyboard) and when kdm reinitializes
X, video appears again. The text consoles are also intact and visible again
and I can relogin into KDE and continue.
  I've tried vesafb as well as intelfb as the framebuffer console, there are
no differences regarding this problem. Also the problem isn't present with
Xorg 6.9, so I think that it's probably a problem of current i810 driver.
DRM uses i915 kernel module (running on 2.6.19), AIGLX uses i915_dri.so
(current Mesa sources), libdrm is 2.3.0.
  Should I open a bug for this, or is it a known problem ? Is there a hint
how to eliminate it ?
                  With regards, Pavel Troller

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