PIC rework on MGA card

Edward.Shu Edward.Shu at Sun.COM
Mon Dec 18 08:52:19 PST 2006

  I downloaded the Xorg source tree from git gate and checked out the 
pci rework branch.
Also,  I successfully  built both the Xorg server and MGA driver with 
libpciaccess on solaris x86.
But the Xorg server refused to start in my test machine.
After several days debugging on my libpciaccess, it still can not work 
properly.  Is there
anybody here try to run the Xorg with pci rework? I am wondering if I 
can look up your
log file for  my reference to speed up the debugging process. And  the 
Xorg log  of the
unsuccessful test is attached. Any clue?

BTW: my test computer configuration.
  + 1G RAM + Matrox G450 |+ Intel 865 chipsets

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