RMonitor Behavior On SLES 10 IA64 With ATI Graphics

Magolan, John F John.Magolan at unisys.com
Tue Dec 19 04:12:22 PST 2006


Thanks for the response.  This has already been reported via Novell's
bugzilla.  My main purpose in posting here is to find out whether
similar problems have been seen in environments other than SLES 10.

John Magolan
Unisys Tredyffrin K205-4
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On Dec 18, 06 10:22:51 -0500, Magolan, John F wrote:
> The Novell/SuSE SLES 10 Linux release is in use on the ia64 version of
> our Unisys ES7000/one server.  (For the record, SLES 10 includes X.Org
> release 6.9.0.)  Our graphic interface device is ATI Rage Mobility.
> When we try to enter monitor specifications through the SLES SaX2
> interface the monitor test fails, consistently indicating a frequency
> error.  We have tried this on a couple of standard monitors from Dell
> and NEC with the same negative results.  What we always end up with,
> can't escape, is a 640x480 monitor screen.

I think this is something you should post in Novell's bugzilla. I'm not
aware that this issue is already listed there, but I might be mistaken.

> resolutions to anything reasonable.  On SLES 10, though, using the
> input merely causes the frequency error to occur when X is restarted.

SLES10 and RHEL4 use different versions of Xorg. It might very well be a
radeon driver regression. Of course, it *might* be related to some IA64
patch we're applying, but I doubt so.


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