i810/modesetting and Xinerama?

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Tue Dec 19 13:26:42 PST 2006

Hi Dave and Keith,

>> Up to now, I managed to git-clone the modules drm (HEAD (=2.3.0?)),
>> xserver (randr-1.2-for-server-1.2) and xf86-video-intel (modesetting). I
>> got libdrm into the boat, because the other two modules were complaining
>> about unmet dependencies and Ubuntu only comes with libdrm 2.0.2.
> You'll need a new randrproto, and client side (libXrandr + xrandr app)..

Thanks to your help I now managed to compile, install and run


Immediately on startup the new server picked up the 1920 x 1200 
resolution from my external monitor, although my laptops screen 1280 x 
768 is still configured in xorg.conf. Is the screen section now ignored 
completely? The picture is cloned to the laptops display, but slightly 

What do I need to configure in order to extend my desktop to the laptop 
display? Do I only use xrandr? What values does it take for the -display 
parameter (this is not documented)? What if xrandr does not list 1280 x 
768 resolution which I'd need for the laptop screen? How do I specify 
the server layout?

I'm attaching my Xorg.0.log for reference.


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