i810/modesetting and Xinerama?

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Wed Dec 20 10:02:59 PST 2006

Hi Keith,

> I haven't figure out what we should do for automatically selecting the
> right virtual size. For now, you can configure the desired virtual size
> in your xorg.conf file.

How can I do that? And how can I configure 16 bpp?

I tried

Section "Screen"
         Identifier      "Default Screen"
         Device          "Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML 
Express Graphics Controller"
         Monitor         "Generic Monitor"
         DefaultDepth    16
         SubSection "Display"
                 Depth           16
                 Modes           "1920x1968"

but this does not work.

> btw -- I just discovered yet another limit in the hardware; it cannot
> compute 3D coordinates larger than 2048 in either dimension, so even at
> 16bpp, the frame buffer cannot be larger than 2048 pixels wide or tall
> unless we start iterating over the frame buffer and painting in 2kx2k
> chunks.

Thanks for the notice. My framebuffer size will stay within those limits 
and 3D is not that important for me (except Google Earth... :-)



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