i810/modesetting and Xinerama?

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Thu Dec 21 01:04:02 PST 2006

Keith Packard wrote:

> Right now, RandR has a fixed mapping from crtc to Xinerama screen, but
> that can be fixed. I may change the default so that it maps from left to
> right; at least that would be easier to understand than in 'crtc order',
> which is completely arbitrary (and which always, on Intel hardware,
> makes the laptop panel screen 1).

What do you mean by "from left to right"? Certain the driver cannot know
the physical placement in advance, can it?

I may be proven wrong, but I feel that on a computer with a
non-detachable display like notebooks (or palmtops, e-book-readers,
smartphones, ...) the internal display should always be the primary one
by default. This way, you are guaranteed to see important dialogs like



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