dual display resolution

steve Murmann junkmsk at frontiernet.net
Thu Dec 21 12:53:47 PST 2006

I am fairly new to linux I have setup a dual display using edgy, a
        nvidia dual display card without twinview or xineorama . All
        went fine
        and both work except that one display is 20 feet from the
        computer and
        that monitor always boots with very low resolution. If I boot
        with 2
        normal lead monitors all is well I can then unhook one and
        connect the
        far away monitor and it works fine.
        I assume its too far away to get a good read on the monitor and
        to low resolution.
        I even edited the xorg.conf file and reloved all calls for low
        resolution.  didn't work.
        my qhestion ... how do I force a resolution?
        thanks  steve

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