Testing the i810 modesetting branch

Frédéric Riss frederic.riss at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 04:16:07 PST 2006


For various reasons I would like to run my Intel MacMini under Linux in
pure EFI mode (ie. without any BIOS). In this configuration the 945GM graphic
chipset isn't supported by the current xorg i810 driver.

I thought I'd give the modesetting branch a try and here are the
results: the server starts and displays something on the screen, but the
display is distorted and "clamped" (the distorted display only shows
circa 1/4 of the whole desktop size).

I'm attaching the full Xorg start log in the hope that it's useful
information for you. I'm ready to do any experimentation, just ask (or
maybe it's too early for this kind of feedback?)

I've tried this on top of an Ubuntu Edgy installation.

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