Single Board Computer for HD XVideo?

Ken Mandelberg km at
Fri Dec 22 07:54:55 PST 2006

I've been using some laptops for HD Video display with Xvideo (2GHZ 
P4/Radeon 7500, 2GHZ Pent-M I915) and both are a little below or above 
the performance edge for good results.

I'm thinking of starting with a blank slate and building or buying a low 
cost mini footprint system optimized for this. I don't need graphics 
that does 3D rendering, just a CPU/Graphics combination that will handle
high def mpegs over xv very well.

I would prefer a single board with built in graphics. Of course one 
possibility is the intel Mac Mini with an i950. I'm a little skeptical 
of this because of the maturity of the i810 drive (no xvmc), and Apple's 
premium pricing.

Any other hardware suggestions?

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