sgml file movements and migration to docbook-xml

Carlo Salinari csali at
Sat Dec 23 15:57:05 PST 2006

Hello Eamon,

I had just finished a script to convert the files in doc/xorg-docs/sgml 
to docbook-xml, and getting ready to
give the assault to the autoconf files, when some _evil_entity_ I_ 
won't_name :-) arrived and "categorized" the documents into 

Well, whatever.

I guess I'll post it anyway.

The script requires:
- perl 5.8
- sgml2xml from James Clark's sp package
- tidy (that's optional, but makes the formatting nice and uniform)

expects to be run from the root of the modular-tree, and to find all the 
sgml at the old location (doc/xorg-docs/sgml).
It creates doc/xorg-docs/docbook-xml, for the ouput files. The script is 
conservative, and does not modify any pre-existing file.
Every step of the transformation is commented in the source.

sgml2xml gives some errors while parsing RELNOTES.sgml. That's ok. 
Really :-).

Feedback is appreciated, obviously. I'll rework it in the next days.

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