i810: can't set 1680x1050 mode properly on 965G

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Dec 25 11:28:12 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-12-25 at 02:19 -0500, Elvis Pranskevichus wrote:

> It fails to actually read EDID through DDC! Latest git:modesetting, however, 
> does it just fine:

That's not very surprising; the modesetting DDC code has recently seen
some significant compatibility testing which has uncovered quite a few
corner cases. Nice to see it working on your monitor.

> (II) I810(0): Supported additional Video Mode:
> (II) I810(0): clock: 146.2 MHz   Image Size:  433 x 271 mm
> (II) I810(0): h_active: 1680  h_sync: 1784  h_sync_end 1960 h_blank_end 2240 
> h_border: 0
> (II) I810(0): v_active: 1050  v_sync: 1053  v_sync_end 1059 v_blanking: 1089 
> v_border: 0

That looks like the mode you want. I suspect the sync polarity isn't
right though, which can confuse the monitor. You'll note that xrandr
will list two 1680x1050 modes (with --q12). If you select the second one
(by using the XID explicitly instead of the mode name) and that works,
then the polarity is indeed mis-specified in EDID. 

> Strange, on 1280x1024 on non-modesetting it gives me
> (II) I810(0): [drm] init sarea width,height = 1280 x 1024 (pitch 2048)

Yeah, not a problem -- the modesetting branch is making room for
resizing the screen to include another monitor. You can set the Virtual
size in the config file to change these numbers if you like.

keith.packard at intel.com
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