How to change '75x75 dots per inch'

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Dear all,

[OS: Fedora 6; DESKTOP: Gnome 2.16]

I am using intel driver and my xorg.conf is attached. The output of
"xdpyinfo|grep resolution" is
|   resolution:    75x75 dots per inch

This doesn't cause any problem in Gnome since it auto-adjusts the
resolution to 96x96 dots per inch but in other WMs the fontsize is
weird. How can I set the resolution to 96x96 dots per inch for all

>From /etc/X11/Xresources, it seems 96x96 should be the default. Any
idea why the setting there does not take effect? Thank you very much.

,----[ /etc/X11/Xresources ]
| ! This is the global resources file that is loaded when
| ! all users log in, as well as for the login screen
| ! Fix the Xft dpi to 96; this prevents tiny fonts
| ! or HUGE fonts depending on the screen size.
| Xft.dpi: 96
| ! hintstyle: medium means that (for Postscript fonts) we
| ! position the stems for maximum constrast and consistency
| ! but don't force the stems to integral widths. hintnone,
| ! hintslight, and hintfull are the other possibilities.
| Xft.hintstyle: hintmedium
| Xft.hinting: true
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