sgml file movements and migration to docbook-xml

Donnie Berkholz dberkholz at
Sun Dec 31 20:23:28 PST 2006

Carlo Salinari wrote:
> No, seriously, there are many benefits moving from sgml to xml.
> The most valuable benefits I can think of for the xorg project are:
> - consolidating all the documentation (legacy and new, manually or
> automatically generated) to a unique format that's well known and easily
> transformed
> - lowering the barriers for contributors and newcomers: making life easy
> (well, easier at least) for documentation editors and writers
> - avoiding documentation-format obsolescence

Using more common and comprehensible tools and formats is a benefit in
itself. Validation and transformation with xmllint and xsltproc is much
nicer than needing jade et al. and much more likely to already be
installed, or be easier to install.

From what I recall, the pathway to PDF etc is also cleaner.


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