Xgl and direct rendering

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Tue Feb 14 11:09:20 PST 2006


After a few weeks I finaly decide to give a Xgl a try. To install it I use a overlay from http://dev.gentoo.org/~hanno/xgl-overlay-200602141.tar.bz2. And as I expected I hit in to problems. The Xgl starts fine, I am unable to find any error in the syslog or in the Xorg log file, but the Xgl was extremaly slow here. Also I was unable to run any GL application (glxgears for example shows me only a black window) Looking at the glxinfo say's me 'Direct rendering: No' I guess this is source of my problem, but how to trace it when there is absolutly no errors in the log ? 

Currently I am using PPC machine with Xorg radeon drivers with latest mmap fix'es on Radeon 9000 card. I wonder is this some kind of known problem ?

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