Xglx with radeon

Erlend Simonsen mr at fudgie.org
Thu Feb 16 00:22:17 PST 2006

If you set the opacity to anything other than 1.0 (0.99 for example) 
gnome-terminal works just fine.


Rockmen Jack wrote:
> I've been using it all days with fglrx driver(my card R9500),no crashes
> at all,may be that's driver related issue.
>> Hi,
>> Now that Matthew Garrett has completed the god-like task of putting Xgl
>> and compiz into Ubuntu Dapper, I thought I'd give it a go.
>> Rock On is all I can say, I'm very impressed with the performance on my
>> Thinkpad T40p using the stock radeon drivers.  However:
>> 1) there is serious display corruption with gnome-terminal, typing a
>> line results in garbage, that is correctly displayed when I press return
>> 2) sometimes the server crashes.  Once when I tried to switch desktop,
>> another when I tried to alt-tab.  Are random crashes like this known, or
>> should I try and get as much information as possible?
>> Thanks,
>> Ross
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