pkg-config and undefined reference to `XdmcpWrap'

Russell Shaw rjshaw at
Wed Feb 22 07:17:01 PST 2006

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
>>Um, it looks in the standard location after looking in PKG_CONFIG_PATH,
>>again according to the man page. So I'm not really understanding your
> The problem is that a user trying the and also has incompatible 
> versions of components with *pc files in standard location may have
> unexpected build errors. The problem is that the ModularDevelopersGuide 
> instructions do not document this. And the problem is that the 
> doesn't define it automatically. (I haven't looked too close at the 
> yet, but I will look to simply set it in it and see what 
> happens.)

Why should pkg-config be used at all?

Doesn't pkg-config only give flags for locations on the system where stuff is installed?

Wouldn't it be better to have all the libraries used, derived from the Xorg build
itself, independant of getting random variations injected from unknown things on
the host system?

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