855GM not changing resolutions for games

tuxrocks at cox.net tuxrocks at cox.net
Fri Jan 20 11:53:34 PST 2006

> That not within DDC range error shows up like that even when you do 
> specify a sync range at all? Now I'm confused. No idea where it gets 
> those 45.7 and 50.5kHz values, probably auto-generated somewhere 
>and it 
> doesn't look like your panel returns a hsync range at all (according to 
> the log, it's using EDID 1.2 (not recommended for devices 
> after 1st jan 2000...), an utterly useless and broken piece of garbage, 
> because it does not necessarily include the ONLY number you actually 
> need at least for traditional crts - the hsync (and to a lesser degree, 
> vsync) range - but I disgress...). 
> That HorizSync line above looks good except I don't know if the parser 
> accepts the spaces between the numbers and the dash. 
> Unfortunately I don't really know how mode validation on the i810 and 
> friends works, it's cumbersome enough on radeons without the need 
> VBE already. Maybe someone familiar with that driver could help you 
> Roland 
Tell me about it...I couldn't believe I was getting an error concerning an 
option that wasn't set.  I'm guessing like you, that it's being automatically 
set somewhere... 
The weird thing is that everything was fine with the previous release, 
which I would think means something was changed concerning the code 
with the driver.  Should this be submitted as a bug? 
Hopefully, like you suggested, someone familiar with the code of that 
driver might peer in and make a suggestion. 

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