X11, libglx.so, and GL screen capture programs

Christian Parpart trapni at gentoo.org
Thu Jun 1 04:58:01 PDT 2006

Hi all,

I wanted to write an X11 screen catpure program, while XSHM served well for 
capturing plain X11 screens, it doesn't so well for GLX apps inside X11.
So, I asked around, and got the hint to hook into glXSwapBuffers() - which is 
located in libglx.so - which means, I've to write my own libglx.so to forward 
all called into the real libglx.so I dlopen myself.

That sounds cool, however, I now can't find a real GLX app being linked 
against libglx.so to test my lib on it. Neither cedega, nor glxgears or even 
glxinfo is linked against it.

Is this the wrong approach I'm taking? What shall I do instead?

My need is, to capture (flicker-free) the GL app's window, and I thought it 
would be best to hook into glXSwapBuffers though (as most GL apps/games are 
double buffered anyways).

Thanks in advance,
Christian Parpart.
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