X.org 6.9.0 i810 crash on visiting certain web pages

Andrew Ziem andrewz at springsrescuemission.org
Thu Jun 1 11:45:25 PDT 2006


I'm having trouble with i810 crashing.  It happens every time the user 
visits http://nadaguide.com (and a few other sites) in Firefox 1.5 with 
the latest Flash.  As the page loads, the screen goes black with colored 
lines.   Then, the console shows up, but the keyboard is completely frozen.

The X server is X.org 6.9.0 from Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) 
4.2.1 running on diskless terminals.  The X client is Fedora Core 5. 
The affected X terminals include:
* Dell L500c P3-500Mhz with 180MB RAM
* HP Pavilion 4535 P2-400MHz with 192MB RAM

Here's the X.org log file from the Dell:

Is there a way to work around the problem without updating the X server? 
    Perhaps some configuration change?  According to suggestions on the 
LTSP mailing list, I have already tried setting X_VIDEORAM = 4096 (in 
lts.conf) and activating 64MB swap memory (over network).


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