disabling key auto-repetition

Owen Taylor otaylor at redhat.com
Sat Jun 3 14:56:03 PDT 2006

On Sat, 2006-06-03 at 22:21 +0200, Roland Plüss wrote:
> hi there, tried to find a place i could ask this question and dropped on
> this mailing list. not sure if this is the right place as something else
> i could not find ( otherwise please redirect me ).
> under normal circumstances i receive keys using auto repetition, hence i
> revive a KeyPress and after some time a bunch of KeyRelease/KeyPress
> pairs. so far this is ok, for normal apps. in my app though auto
> repetition really messes up anything so i need to only receive
> KeyPress/KeyRelease for when the user presses and releases a key, not
> repeated in between. i can do this using XAutoRepeatOff/XAutoRepeatOn,
> but this is system wide and if the app for some reason crashes the
> system is fuked up. examining the XKeyEvent structure i could not find
> any hint that would allow me to identify if an event has been send due
> to auto-repetition or due to the user acting on his keyboard. is there a
> way i can detect what messages are due to auto-repeat so i can ignore them?

 XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat (display,

Will change things so your application gets auto-repeat as


On displays that don't support this what GTK+ does is look ahead
in the event queue to see if there is a press with the same timestamp
as a release:

          XPeekEvent (xevent->xkey.display, &next_event);

          if (next_event.type == KeyPress &&
              next_event.xkey.keycode == xevent->xkey.keycode &&
              next_event.xkey.time == xevent->xkey.time)
              /* Ignore the key release event */

It's pretty hard for the user to release a key and press it again in 1
millsecond. But XKB and detectable autorepeat will be supported on the
vast majority of current displays.

A thing to note if you watching for key release events is that you will
*not* get a key release event if you lose focus while the user is
holding the key down, so you have to track focus out events as well as
key release events.


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