[PATCH] XCBPeekNextEvent()

Jamey Sharp jamey at minilop.net
Sat Jun 3 18:45:39 PDT 2006

Hi Ori!

I just want to check that you saw Ian Osgood's reply, pointing you at
one of my past posts on this subject:
I'm afraid I won't be committing your patch, or anything like Xlib's
XIfEvent/XPending/XPeekEvent etc. without a much stronger argument in
favor. :-) I hope the above e-mail clearly explains why and what to do

By the way, a "PeekNextEvent" interface isn't sufficient to implement
XCheckIfEvent, so I don't think this patch met your needs anyway. I can
believe that it appeared to work but you never know what random events
the X server will throw at you before the one you were looking for.
Also, XCheckIfEvent is supposed to be non-blocking and your
XCBPeekNextEvent will block if no event is available.

I'd be happy to see this discussion continue on the XCB list, if you're
not satisfied by my comments from last August.

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