Xgl sucks up memory, especially with xcompmgr running

Mike Russo miker at readq.com
Wed Jun 7 16:24:10 PDT 2006

Might anyone else be having memory problems with Xgl?  My currently 
running Xgl is eating 50% of my memory (here's the line from top):

22893 miker     16   0  571m 514m 389m R   30 51.0  60:56.56 Xgl

When I use xcompmgr (I don't want to use compiz because I use 
enlightenment .17) the memory usage climbs even faster -- it was just at 
70% of my 1GB of memory, and immediately fell by 20% when I killed 

I'm running xgl with xorg 7.0 and nvidia 8762 drivers. The main reason I 
don't just enable Composite in the xorg.conf is because that leads to 
random signal 11's every day or two, whereas the Composite provided by 
xgl is more stable, but lately appears to be sucking up RAM without end.

Obviously w/o more info I dont expect anyone to solve this, just kinda 
trolling for others' experiences.

Mike Russo
ReadQ Systems, Inc.
(212) 425 3680 x105

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