Intel 945GM / 950GMA / Xorg 7.0 Slowness

Chris Monahan fordracerguy at
Thu Jun 8 14:09:00 PDT 2006

I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 - 1920x1200 Resolution with an Intel 945GM /
950 GMA card. In Xorg 6.9, full screen scrolling worked perfectly. Super
smooth. It worked smoothly in any terminal including gnome-terminal. When
running a timed cat, I could output /usr/share/dict/words in seconds. Both
Debian and Ubuntu recently switched to Xorg 7.0. Now, it takes 24 seconds to
scroll the words file... Here is the weird thing. DVD playback, mpeg
playback, window movement, even scrolling in Firefox are perfectly fast.
Even 3D is fully supported. It's just Scrolling in terminals or word
processors that are DOG SLOW. When doing so, the X process takes 99% of my
cpu... I have posted to debian and ubuntu bug lists with no help. Sure, if I
run my laptop in 1024x768 resolution, scrolling is fine. But I don't want to
run my system that way...

Something seems to be wrong with the i810 module in Xorg 7.0. Can anyone
please help me? I am at witts end. I run gnome-terminal and ssh daily, 8
hours a day. It is S L O W.

Please help,
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