Intel 945GM / 950GMA / Xorg 7.0 Slowness

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Thu Jun 8 14:36:36 PDT 2006

Well, in Debian I had to use a snapshot driver from In Ubuntu, I haven't tried that yet,
but I do know based on /var/log/Xorg.0.log, everything seems fine. Ubuntu
takes pride in supporting the newest of hardware. I suppose I should try the
snapshots again.


On 6/8/06, Johnson, Charles F <charles.f.johnson at> wrote:
>  Unless Debian or Ubuntu integrated an updated driver, 945GM support did
> not make it into X11R6.9/7.0.  The code did not go into the Xorg, Mesa or
> Linux kernel upstreams until after X11R6.9/7.0 was released.
> Charles Johnson
> Intel Corporation
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>  I have a Dell Inspiron E1705 - 1920x1200 Resolution with an Intel 945GM /
> 950 GMA card. In Xorg 6.9, full screen scrolling worked perfectly. Super
> smooth. It worked smoothly in any terminal including gnome-terminal. When
> running a timed cat, I could output /usr/share/dict/words in seconds. Both
> Debian and Ubuntu recently switched to Xorg 7.0. Now, it takes 24 seconds
> to scroll the words file... Here is the weird thing. DVD playback, mpeg
> playback, window movement, even scrolling in Firefox are perfectly fast.
> Even 3D is fully supported. It's just Scrolling in terminals or word
> processors that are DOG SLOW. When doing so, the X process takes 99% of my
> cpu... I have posted to debian and ubuntu bug lists with no help. Sure, if I
> run my laptop in 1024x768 resolution, scrolling is fine. But I don't want to
> run my system that way...
> Something seems to be wrong with the i810 module in Xorg 7.0. Can anyone
> please help me? I am at witts end. I run gnome-terminal and ssh daily, 8
> hours a day. It is S L O W.
> Please help,
> Chris

Chris Monahan
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