sunffb wont load

David Miller davem at
Thu Jun 8 22:12:54 PDT 2006

From: Michael Lorenz <macallan at>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 01:05:56 -0400

> This is the problem. sunffb depends on the cfb module to be loaded, 
> XFree86 used to load it unconditionally on startup, xorg no longer does 
> that.
> I fixed this ( and a few other things ) for NetBSD/sparc64, if anyone's 
> interested I'll post a patch.

The right fix is to simply gut all of this code out of the
sunffb driver.  Have a look, none of this code is used.

It's due to all of the by-hand acceleration this driver did
before it was converted over to XAA.  There is simply no reason
for any of this CFB crap to be referenced any longer.  When I
did the conversion I didn't get around to the bit about removing
to now-unused code.

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