Building Modular: 1st draft at current build procedure

Ashley Hooper ash_hooper at
Fri Jun 9 06:37:23 PDT 2006

OK, here's what I've found to work over the last week where I've struggled my
way through the current CVS build process.

Peter Hutterer wrote:

> Ashley Hooper wrote:
> > checking for XCBPROTO... yes
> > checking for XPROTO... configure: error: Package requirements  
> > (xproto) were not met:
> > No package 'xproto' found
> >
> > The xcb make failed (as above) using the pkgconfig path where I'd
> > make-installed the xcb-proto - do I need to create a new .pc file  
> > somehow?  or use the XPROTO_CFLAGS and XPROTO_LIBS env vars?
> sorry, my fault.
> $> export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:<wherever>/lib/pkgconfig
> otherwise it only works if you use the same prefix for all libraries.

I realise the process is changing very frequently now, but for any future
Googlers wanting to build from CVS/GIT with XCB support, the procedure goes
something like this:

(In the below instructions, <PREFIX> should be replaced with the directory that
will be the base of the X11 CVS install, e.g. /tmp/modular if following the
Modular Developers Guide wiki)

The build script seems to have changed a bit recently, and it seems to be no
longer necessary to manually build xcb-proto, x11-proto and xcb.  So long as
the xcb subdirectory is located in the top level directory of the downloaded
source tree, it will be found and used automatically by the build script. 
Also, the libX11 in Git no longer needs to be renamed as the build script
expects it to be in lib/libX11.

1.  Read and satisfy all
dependencies (command below is for Ubuntu; may work for Debian)

Tools     - $> apt-get install build-essential flex automake1.9 libtool gcc
make m4 cvs autoconf autotools-dev linux-kernel-headers perl gperf

Libs      - $> apt-get install libfontconfig-dev libttf2 libpng-dev libdrm-dev
libfreetype6-dev zlib1g-dev

2.  Obtain CVS tree using instructions at above URL

3.  install 'git' and 'check' (commands below for Debian/Ubuntu)

    $> apt-get install git-core
    $> apt-get install check

4.  Change directory to the top level of where the CVS tree unpacked

5.  Go to lib/ and remove the X11/ directory, then check out libX11 from Git

    $> cd lib
    $> mv X11 ../old-lib-X11
    $> git clone git://

    (the current build script expects the libX11 directory to be named libX11/)

6.  Change directory back to the top level of the source tree, and obtain XCB
from Git

    $> cd ..
    $> git clone git://

7.  Modify pkgconfig path so newly installed pkgconfigs will be found during
build process

    $> export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PKG_CONFIG_PATH:<PREFIX>/lib/pkgconfig

8.  Download and unpack the Mesa source - the directory where you've unpacked
it will be <MESA SOURCE PATH> below

9. Finally, run Modular X11 build script:

    $> PATH=<PREFIX>/bin:$PATH ./util/modular/ -m <MESA SOURCE PATH> -n

With the -n argument, we are continuing in case of errors, so watch the build
output closely for problems - probably worthwhile redirecting to a file for
later analysis.

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