radeon + DVI via docking station

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at cl.uni-bremen.de
Fri Jun 9 00:21:57 PDT 2006


I managed to set up my radeon 9600 mobility together with the Dell
docking station (Dell Inspiron 8600 + Portreplicator). The external
display is a Dell 2405FPW. The external display shows a picture, but
after some time the system crashes.

This is my xorg.conf


The xlog says:

(II) RADEON(0): Primary:
 Monitor   -- LVDS
 Connector -- DVI-D
 DAC Type  -- Primary
 TMDS Type -- External
 DDC Type  -- NONE
(II) RADEON(0): Secondary:
 Monitor   -- TMDS
 Connector -- VGA
 DAC Type  -- Primary
 TMDS Type -- NONE
 DDC Type  -- VGA_DDC

Shouldn't be the second monitor Connector DVI as well?

Did I make any mistakes in the configuration, or is the DVI ouput just
not functional?

The release notes of SuSE mentioned an old radeon driver. Does this
driver work better?

Thanks for your help and best wishes


Stefan Müller

Universität Potsdam      Tel: (+49) (+331) 977-2180



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